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Who is Giorgio Tsoukalos?

Who is Giorgio Tsoukalos? Asking me who is Giorgio, is like asking the Google who is your daddy. How should I know? But I would like to try and answer this question anyway.  If Zack Galifarnakis and Indiana Jones were legally married in an imaginary gay heaven and than had a secret love child, it would be Giorgio Tsoukalos.

giorgio meme

Giorgio meme

Giorgio and his hair is one of those rare people when you hear them speak about their true passions, you become more curious about the subject.  Giorgio’s passion is the ancient astronaut theory. He is also a true prodigal son of the Google images  and a king of the meme generator. How many of you little sluts have your own meme? Didn’t think so.

So he is the most interesting man basically. The most interesting man on the ancient aliens, the series. Love it or hate it, you have to admit; Giorgio Tsoukalos is one real creative genius,  and the very best of a kind. He is very tsoukalicious: he writes, he produces, he creates. Giorgio magically lures you into the crazy world of ancient aliens and never disappoints. And he definitely knows how to rock his European man purse. Very nice.

giorgio tsoukalos, man purse

Giorgio Tsoukalos rocking his man purse

But even the biggest, the most creative and very fashionable Giorgio is nothing without a creative team of awesome people behind him. I secretly admire the creativity and the very hard work that Giorgio and his creatives endure. Very inspiring. Sure these guys work hard, but the rewards are sweet. Just look at the popularity of ancient astronaut stuff. It’s like the new LOST. Crazy fun.

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  1. Paris N Paraskevas #

    Fantastic work extremely interesting

    February 19, 2012
  2. S. Stabley #

    Why and how did alien man do his hair in this fashion?
    I seemed to notice that with each airing of ancient aliens, that his hair got more and more weird.
    Any answers anyone?
    Thanks and live long and prosper

    July 10, 2012

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